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REGISTRATION for 2024 Tours is OPEN

Email Vivian with the name of the tour you want to sign up for to get your registration form

2024 Triple V Tours

Venuses of the Ice

July 7-14

This photographic journey offers the opportunity to explore some of the most unusual and unique terrain in the world on this private eco-art tour. We will be working with a seasoned local guide and art model, who has designed a route especially for the Venus Tours. This journey will differ in length and price from the standard tours above as we will be handling both transport and lodging for this unique 7-day-creative-journey.

Locations include:
• Diamond Beach
• Basalt Columns
• Epic Waterfalls
• Black Sand Beach
• Volcanic Hot Spring
• Glacial Lagoon
• Lupin Wildflower Fields

Cost: $5,000

Questions? Email Svala at

Venuses of the Valley

Death Valley
April 18-22

This photographic journey offers the opportunity to shoot in some of the most geologically diverse terrain in the world. We will be highlighting some of Death Valley’s iconic vistas as well as exploring a variety of  off-the-beaten-path locations, scouted especially for this tour. Each day will involve low-moderate hiking (> 2 miles, low elevation, warm-hot temperatures) with one extended hike day of (4miles over 6 hours).

Locations include:
• Sand Dunes

• Classic Vistas
• Salt Flats
• Volcanic Craters
• Golden Canyon
• Zabrinksie Point

• Desert Home with Art Instillations

Cost: $3,000

Questions? Email Vivian at

Venuses of Red Rock

Kanab, UT
May 16-20

Campout Tour

This tour will include unique, hard-to-reach 4wd locations, and will require 2 nights of tent/car camping. It will include the famous White Pocket location as well as a variety of remote locations that will not be featured on any other Venus Tour in May.

Locations include (and are subject to change):
• White Pocket
• Alstrom Point
• The Great Cavern
• Remote Badlands
• Remote Hoodoos

Cost: $3,300

Questions? Email Vivian at

Venuses of the Coast

Santa Cruz, CA
September 19-23

This tour highlights the majestic beauty of the California coastline. This experience is ideal for creatives who feel comfortable traversing steeper coastal terrain and maneuvering over sandstone rocks and tide pools. Just outside of Santa Cruz, CA We will also be shooting in groves of ancient redwoods.

Locations include:
• Pitcheresque Arches
• Private Redwood Forest
• Tafoni Formations
• Colorful Coastal Walls
• Remote Misty Beaches
• Scenic Tide pools
• Secret Coves

Cost: $3,000

Questions? Email Vivian at

Venuses of Fire

Valley of Fire, NV
April 25-29

Campout Tour

This experience was designed for creatives who are passionate about venturing deeper into the wild in order to get access to the most incredible landscapes. We will be highlighting a variety of red rock and desert micro-climates that require more time/effort to get to (but are SO worth it). Hiking to locations will be minimal:  low-elevation, warm temperatures, but this photographic journey will entail 4wd transportation and 2+ nights camping.

Locations include:
• Coral Sand Dunes
• Little Finland
• Abandoned Cement Factory
• Whitney Pocket
• Unique Geology & Arches
• Delicate Red Rock Formations
• Hidden Valley of Fire Treasures

Cost: $3,000

Questions? Email Vivian at

Venuses of the Canyon

Kanab, UT
May 23-27

On this tour, we will be working with a seasoned local landscape photography guide who has scouted a variety of locations that highlight the natural geologic beauty of Southern Utah/Northern Arizona. The locations on this tour will require minimal hiking at low-elevation and warm temperatures. We will also be booking privates/doubles and acquiring permits for various rare natural wonders in the area; such as White Pocket, and South Coyote Butte (see Red Rock Residency section for more info.)

Locations include:
• Iconic Red Arches
• Tree Cave
• Alstrom Point
• Mesa Hoodoos
• Red Sand Dunes
• Buckskin Gulch
• Paria Townsite 
• Badlands
• Willis Canyon

Cost: $3,000

Questions? Email Vivian at