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Welcome to the land of...

Venus de Tierra

Eco-Art Community

Photographic Wilderness Tours

Mountain Range

Who are we?

We design creative journeys that connect artists from all over the world. Together, we venture into some of the most beautiful and remote places on Earth. As a community, we create art which tells the story


We are Nature.

Our offerings



Our Photo Tours

The Venus de Tierra Tours are highly curated artistic wilderness experiences. It is our greatest joy to bring together photographers and model artists for creative journeys in nature. Our tours build community, generate epic images, and foster spaces where creative collaboration can be fostered. 


Our Eco-Art Community

Above all else, we are a community of creatives. Our work is deeply inspired by the beauty of the Earth, and we highly value spending time together immersed in beautiful and vast landscapes. Through the connective and creative experiences we design, photographers and models alike find lasting friendships with shared passions for art, photography, and nature.


Our Purpose

As Artists, we explore the creative process in a way that honors the beauty of the Earth and the naked human form. As a Community, we create environments which form strong bonds and lasting creative friendships. As Creatives, we strive to showcase and uplift the art form of environmental nudes. As Venuses, we strive to create transformational creative experiences and share our liberated, uncensored art with the world.

Upcoming tours

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